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We’ve heard it all before…‘it’s the little things,’ but I’m not speaking of the small gesture that your loved one recently did for you or even those little life experiences that you may seek each day. I’m speaking of the special finishing interior touches, those ‘little things’ that you add to your house…turning your house into your home!

Bring your boudoir, your living space, your en suite to life with “the little things” that represent you and bring joy to your soul.

For the World Traveler

Travel is an experience, so why not memorialize those adventures in your home, making your trips even more unforgettable? Weave those travel experiences into the thread of your daily life.

For my globetrotters . . . consider enlarging your photos, printing them in black and white, framing and hanging as a gallery wall display. Not only will this bring back memories for yourself, but it will also be conversation pieces for visitors to your home.  Install wall maps and postcard displays to create an interesting focal point in your space. Display your treasured souvenirs on book cases, special shelves or an armoire.  Even including vintage suitcases will add to the overall travel noir motif. If you truly are a hodophile, showcasing your special pieces throughout your home will create a wanderlust vibe to be envied.

For the Book Enthusiast

Photo: Chilton Griffith Style client project

Perhaps you’re a lover of prose or simply enjoy cozying up to a great book, so you have hundreds of them in your midst because they’ve become a part of your journey. Don’t want to donate them because you read them over and over, or because you just love having them in your universe? Find ways to include books in the fabric of your space by using them to enhance your style. Housing your hardbacks in an interesting manner not only provides an alternative to storage but also adds to the decor. Be deliberate with how you display your novels. Yes, you can be traditional and stack them by subject or author, but how about grouping them by color or size? Be intentional with everything you do in your home, from displaying your books and magazines to organizing other meaningful media that showcase your style.

Photo: Chilton Griffith Style client project

For the Fashionista

Photo: Chilton Griffith Style client project

Who said handbags or hat boxes are only meant for the bedroom closet?

Are you a fashion forward individual with a plethora of pretty packaging that you typically use to store your treasurers out of sight? Perhaps you have an assortment of little blue boxes (Tiffany), an iconic orange box with chocolate brown trim (Hermès) and, or even various size hat boxes that house your favorite fedoras. Express your sense of style by displaying them throughout your home. Stack your LV boxes to create an interesting corner display that would otherwise be empty, wasted space. Maybe you have a beautiful handbag that could be considered a work of art…showcase that piece on a pedestal and let it stand out in your living space. Personally, I love a great dress form. In my dressing room, I use it not for my daily outfits, but instead to drape a number of my statement necklaces…just a fun, interesting way to showcase my style, while adding style to my space. In the words of the great Coco Chanel, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” So fashion forward friends, don’t hide your digs behind closet doors . . . fashion and design go hand and hand, so let it be seen . . .

let it be shared!

Next time you have guests, what story will your home tell?

Will it tell the story of who you are and what you love?

Add the little things that are important to you and you’ll make a big impact on your home!

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