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Kim Chilton Griffith, Principal Designer

I was raised with panache and curiosity about the world of fashion, architecture, and interiors. While growing up in Chicago, I spent my weekends either visiting art galleries and museums, finding myself in awe of various artists, styles, and techniques, or exploring an estate sale in search of the perfect piece to add to my collection of vintage and heirloom accessories. During the summer season, while traveling with my family around the country and abroad, I always took an interest in captivating architecture wherever we were.

As a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Communications and Advertising, my early career began at one of the largest multicultural advertising agencies worldwide. Interestingly enough, while working on various ad campaigns, I discovered my innate design abilities, a natural talent. My love and interest in interior design turned from a passion to a desire, so I decided to take the leap, leaving the advertising industry behind, and began my studies at the Illinois Institute of Art -- combining my natural skills with class instruction and industry knowledge required to be a successful interior designer.

I have a unique approach to my work. I am not only concerned with the aesthetics and functionality of a space but also with the energy and vibe that it exudes. By incorporating my personal meditation practices, affirmations, and feeling energy into my design projects, I create spaces that are visually stunning and promote peace, positivity, and well-being.

I believe that every space has a unique energy and that it is essential to tap into that energy to create a harmonious design. I work closely with my clients to understand their needs, preferences, and personal energy, infusing that energy into the space through careful selection of colors, textures, lighting, and other design elements.

For me, the design process is not just about creating a beautiful space but also about helping people connect with their energy and feel uplifted and inspired in their surroundings. I encourage my clients to incorporate their meditation and mindfulness practices into their daily routines to enhance the positive energy of their space.

Through my innovative approach, I am changing the way people think about interior design. I prove that a space can be more than just a physical structure; it can be a reflection of our inner selves, a source of inspiration, and healing.

My network includes professional athletes, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, art enthusiasts, and high-end homeowners. 

signature style:       chic  + aspirational

expertise:                luxe  + livable

memberships:         American Society of Interior Designers  (ASID)

                                 Black Interior Designers Network  (BIDN)

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