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Celebrate Summer Solstice by day, but also by night

SUMMER SOLSTICE, the official start of summer begins Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 4:44 p.m. CT. Here are some interesting facts . . . today will be the longest DAY, but tonight will be the shortest NIGHT of the year. So while you’re out enjoying all that hot summer fun, remember to give your body the rest it needs at night.

DREAM ON with 4 of my nightly practices:

SHOWER or bathe before bedtime I always love a nice hot bath with bath salts and bubbles, and a few lightly-scented candles to set the tone and calm the mood. But, if it has been a long day and I’m ready to jump in bed, opting for a warm shower helps ease my muscles and prepare my body for a restful slumber. Adding eucalyptus leaves will create an aromatic shower, helping to relieve stress and bring on the relaxation. SLIP into something soft and cozy After bathing, moisturizing and completing my evening hygiene routine, I put on a pair of cozy pajamas. I need to be as comfortable and as cool as possible, so a cute tank and cotton short set is my typical pjs of choice. SIP a cup of chamomile & bedtime tea I typically will steep 2-3 bags, combining both teas to create a strong, almost medicinal cup. This helps ease the mind and prepare the body for a restful sleep. SOOTHE the soul Just before bed, I take time to reflect and write in my gratitude journal, jotting down everything that I am grateful for from the day. It is through gratitude that you attract more to be grateful for in your life. After writing, a quick meditation is in order, while quietly repeating positive affirmations to program my subconscious mind just before I drift off.

Now that you're prepared for sleep, here are 4 bedroom must-haves for creating a serene, sleep sanctuary:

SLEEP A beautiful bed with lightweight quality bedding, supportive pillows, and black out window coverings will help ensure a restful sleep, creating solitude in your space. Starting with a beautiful bed that you love to look at and climb into, whether it's full-size, queen or king, your bed should reflect your style, and offer the comfort that you desire while being a statement piece in your bedroom. There are many styles that can fit every budget, so seek out a style that speaks to you. A mattress sitting on a frame is a 'no-no' if a wonderful sleep experience is what you're after. You deserve a beautiful bed. SHEETS and more As for my bedding, I recommend white bedding for a clean, crisp look for summer. Yes, thread count is important, however, you’ll want to always think about allowing the flow of air that will best support your body’s temperature which tends to rise at night. Natural fiber cotton sheets are always best because they're sustainable and breathable.

Obviously, a great pillow is a big part of staying asleep and waking without neck or back pain. I recently tried a pillow that’s lavender infused…talk about sleep heaven! Whether you opt for shades or draperies, your bedroom should block out light….(so no light-filtering window coverings for your sleep sanctuary). Also, your bedroom design should be minimal and kept free of clutter. SILENCE and sleep stories Quiet solitude in your sleep sanctuary will give you all the comfort and calm you need. Music, TVs, and electronic devices should be brought to a minimum and ultimately turned off when it’s time for sleep. A new popular idea that a lot of people are lovin' are sleep stories. Going to bed to the soft sounds of narration, nature sounds, chimes, etc. Sleep stories are like bedtime stories for adults (there's a reason kids love to be read to at night). One that I tune into is -- The Grown Up Wind Down (you can listen on Spotify).

SCENTS and silk Since scented candles have to be blown out before sleep, you can continue the scents and aroma of your choice in other ways. In addition to the lavender-infused pillow mentioned previously, there are lavender and other essential oil sprays that can give you the aromatherapy you crave. Select an eye mask to wear in your sleep sanctuary. It can be silk and scented, or contoured to block out light. It can be gel which is cooling and soothing, (and I've found it to help with sinus headaches, too!).

For Summer Solstice, which begins today at 4:44 p.m., I’ve offered four (4) practices and four (4) must-haves to honor this special time when the sun in the sky is farthest north in the Northern Hemisphere. Join me tonight for a great night of sleep as we honor our minds, honor our bodies and honor our souls.

Sweet dreams...



Jul 05, 2020

Fabulousness At It’s Best!


Jun 21, 2020

Thanks Kim. I 💚 your blog


Jun 21, 2020

Wonderful tips! The lavender infused pillow sounds divine.

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