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The Vinyl Appeal: Sight and Sound

‘Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination,

and life to everything.’ - Plato

No matter what year you were born, I’ll bet that music likely was a part of your life.  We all have memories of how music was weaved through our childhood, from hearing it on the living room Hi Fi or stereo system back then, to the personal playlists on our AirPods today. . . Music is always a part of our lives.

If you’re of a certain age, you may remember or even still have your cherished collection of

LPs, EPs, 78s or 45s. 

Ah, yes, VINYL…vinyl records, that is. 

Perhaps you are truly ‘old school’ with a turntable that allows you to drop one on the 1s and 2s every now and again.  However, if you’re like most who play their music via wireless speakers or Bluetooth devices, that wonderful collection of vinyl is stashed away, collecting dust,

in a milk crate.

In honor of National Vinyl Record Day (August 12), here are a few unique ways to showcase your collection and love of music in your home…

Yes, Vinyl as Art!

Grab a few of your favorite album covers, frame them and create a gallery wall.  

This is a simple and impactful way of creating an interesting space that speaks to you.

Photo: Crate and Barrel album frames

Create a beautiful wall by showcasing your records on floating shelves. 

Displaying in this manner can create its own special vibe.

Photo: From Hill Harper's Detroit home Open House tour

For those who’d rather keep that prized collection stowed away but love the idea of reflecting your love for music in a unique way, consider purchasing a creation that is an infusion of

vinyl and art.

Artist Daniel Edlen creates Vinyl Art — portraits of legendary musicians painted on vinyl records

Artist Lobyn Hamilton, who creates representational collages with vinyl records &album covers

Anything that brings you joy is something that should be showcased and celebrated.

Celebrate the joy of music and showcase your vinyl.

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